Mission Statement

The 1st Sapulpa Church of Atheism attempts to facilitate the religious concerns of Nontheists, Apatheists, Ignostics, Agnostics, Freethinkers, Spiritualists, Skeptics, Materialists, Humanists, Metaphysical Naturalists, Deists, Pantheists, or otherwise traditionally Nonreligious or Irreligious members of the community. The Church offers open discussion forums for all religions and members of the community who are with or without faith to address their doubts and differences. All wedding, commitment ceremony, and funeral services are free to whomever is interested.

Current Goals:

To realize all rights and privileges given to other religions by to advancing positive relations between the public and our religion through example, community involvement, education, organization, providing religious services, and unity

Action Plan 

  1. Positive relations:  
    1. The Church will grant all religions access to discussion.  
  2. Community involvement:  
    1. The Church will collect contact information, addresses, and other information regarding secular volunteer options in the community and make that information accessible.  
    2. The Church will promote community involvement through meetings, bulletins, websites, pamphlets, and or newsletters.  
    3. Develop a youth program allowing for secular volunteer hours towards graduation.  
  3. Education:  
    1. The Church will assemble a periodical.   
    2. That periodical will host articles submitted by the public.  
  4. Organization:
    1. File under Oklahoma  Title 68  (Under way)
    2. File for certificate of tax exemption by the State.   
    3. Discuss benefits of filing for 501 c (3) status.  
    4. Advertisements.  
    5. Revise and discuss revisions of Mission Statement, Goals, and Action plans on at least a monthly basis.
  5. Providing religious services:
    1. Hosting meetings on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month from 10am-2pm
    2. Notify crematoriums and funeral homes of services.
    3. Offer wedding officiate services.
    4. Offer benediction services for memorial, awards, or other ceremonial purposes.
  6. Unity:
    1. Claiming traditionally non-religious affiliation.
    2. Irregular or regular attendance in the Church.  
    3. Church does not have to exist in certain buildings and times- they can be scheduled elsewhere and are subject to change. 

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